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Worth Every Penny Joycast

Sep 8, 2020

Your stomach drops. The lump in your throat appears out of no where. And the tears – I’m not crying, you’re crying!. Another photographer you're friends with just got a $5k order. And as much as you want to celebrate with her, the volume on your own head trash is up to level 10. What’s wrong with ME? How come I’m not getting orders like that yet? Is it my prices? My marketing? My photography? Heck, maybe I should throw in the towel and go sell essential oils!? Friend, I know you’ve gone down the spiral of comparison before because you’re HUMAN! On today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to get out of this downward spiral once and for all and how to use comparison to LIFT YOU UP instead of pulling you down. If you’re comparing yourself to other photographers and harshly judging yourself, let’s hang out today.