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Worth Every Penny Joycast

Aug 25, 2020

Photographer, there are more reasons right now than ever to pull back or quit your photography business.
The economy!
I bet you’ve thought to yourself (ahem) “Businesses are closing and people are losing their jobs so I can’t grow a photography business!”
Or maybe you’ve thought this one, “My kids are at home…I am the teacher and we’re sharing ONE computer so I can’t grow my photography business right now.”
And not to point any fingers, but I see you over there thinking that “Nobody in my community is even leaving home because of the ‘rona so there are NO photography clients to hire me.”
Well photographer friend, here’s the thing.
We all look for proof of our false beliefs. We want to be right so darn bad that we’ll SELF-SABOTAGE our dreams. It’s a real phenomenon called confirmation bias. And it’s standing in the way of you and that photography business that you want. The business that can solve your money problems. The business that can even solve your relationship problems.
And I’m going to show you how to kick confirmation bias to the curb. Once you do that, your photography business can actually start growing again. So press play and let’s do this!